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THE LOVERS - Rose Quartz Yoni Egg set

Rose quartz has always been treasured and gifted as a token of love. In nature, very large masses are often found, so remember - your particular piece is part of a great and beautiful whole!

Yoni eggs are the perfect tool to unlock a world of mindfulness, care, and romance for our bodies, voice, presence, and spirit. Strengthen your pelvic floor, and enjoy sensual benefits as well. Click here to learn more.

See our size guide and practice guide for detailed uses of each egg size.

One set includes 3 drilled yoni eggs that come beautifully packaged. Our authentic rose quartz comes from Brazil. 

L 50x35mm - M 42x30mm - S 32x25mm

Rose quartz opens the heart to self-love, and the eyes to beauty in all forms.