Are yoni eggs safe to use internally?

Yoni eggs – jade, rose quartz, and obsidian - are safe to use. They will not cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). These yoni eggs have closed porosity – only pores on the surface matter, and the total volume of these on the surface is very, very low. The amount of bacteria (staphylococcus aureus and group A streptococcus are those associated with TSS) that would temporarily get on the egg is negligible if they’re exposed. We don’t have exact percentages of porosity since this is extremely difficult to measure at such low levels. A specimen of rose quartz, for example, was found to have .39% porosity. A typical rock would have 15-20% porosity. It doesn't hurt to be extra careful, so we suggest you sterilize your eggs by cleaning them in boiled water and add a few spoons of alcohol or vinegar before use! Check out our egg care section. Again, yoni eggs are safe to use internally, and reports claiming otherwise are alarmist and inaccurate.

Why do yoni eggs come in 3 different sizes?

Typically, you'd start with the big egg and work your way up to the small one. This gives your pc muscles time to develop and grow strong. As you advance in your exercises, not only will your grip be tighter and your contractions more controlled, you'll be sensitive enough to feel and manipulate the smallest yoni egg.

Which size is right for me?

Beginners should go with the big egg, especially if you know you'd like to focus on strengthening exercises (see yoni egg guide section). The big yoni egg is obviously the heaviest and best for this purpose. If your practice is more on meditation and wearing your gemstone for long periods throughout the day, take the medium egg. It's best to have less weight for this. If you've got your kegels down and have been exercising for a while, feel free to start with one as well. The small egg is for the advanced practices of vaginal dexterity - something that needs to be worked up to. Listen to your body. With a consistent practice of 4-7 times a week, you should be able to move to a smaller size after 2-3 months.

Why do yoni eggs come in different gemstones?

There are two perspectives on this. Firstly, different stones have different weights and will give you a range of workout intensity. Also, many attribute specific metaphysical properties to different gemstones. Whatever your belief, having two or more types allows you to imbue your eggs with individual intensions. For example - rose quartz is often associated with love, while obsidian has long been used for healing emotional wounds.

Are all your gemstones and crystals real?

Hell yes. We've authenticated our eggs with an academically trained gemologist.

Why are some drilled and others undrilled?

Drilled holes exist so we can string our eggs. Many women feel safer with strung eggs so they can easily glide them out. The strings are also used for vaginal weight lifting. Just tie the string to a pouch containing stones or pebbles at the end that hangs down. Only do this if you have lax pc muscles that need strengthening (check yoni egg guide section).

Can bacteria get absorbed in the drilled hole?

As long as you clean your yoni eggs before use, this is not a concern. Flush your eggs with warm water after use and store them in a clean place. Read more about egg care here.

Why are yoni eggs better than other kegel weights in the market?

This is so important. A lot of kegel exercise tools and adult toys are made of plastics whith phthalates. You don't need to know how to pronounce that, but you gotta know they are hormone disrupters, and cause kidney, liver and other damage. Scary. Our yoni eggs are natural and are 100% safe for internal use.

Why are your yoni eggs more expensive than others?

We don't mess around. We offer only the best quality yoni eggs. They're authenticated, and handled with care each step of the way until they reach your doorstep.

Is yoni egg practice right for everyone?

Though experts have different takes on this, we say give it a pass if you are more than 12 weeks pregnant. Yoni egg exercise is super helpful for a comfy pregnancy, labor, and recovery, so start at least 6 months prior your pregnancy if you're planning. DO NOT use a yoni egg if you have an infection, a prolapsed uterus, are wearing an IUD, or have had a hysterectomy or similar surgery in the last 6 months.

Can the egg get stuck in me?

Not a chance. There's just no place for the egg to get stuck in. Looking at a diagram of female anatomy, you'll see a canal leading to the cervix. There are no secret pockets, ladies. If you're tense, it's possible that the egg won't come out right away. Give your body a few minutes to relax, move into a squat and push it out gently. If your yoni egg is strung, relax and you can slowly pull it out.

Can I use my yoni egg for self-pleasure?

Go ahead. Some women do this by drawing their gemstomes in and out of their vaginas. When you reach a more advanced practice, you can move the egg inside of you to create pleasurable sensations.

How often should I use my yoni egg?

As much as you like. Do what you want! For strengthening and sensitivity, we recommend exercising with it for 2 15-minute sessions a day, at least 5 times a week or 1 15-minute session a day every day, to be happy with results. Relaxing exercises should be done as much as possible. Check out the yoni egg guide section.

I can’t feel my yoni egg. Is something wrong?

Not a thing. This is normal. The middle and deep sections of the vagina don't have much sensation. Your yoni egg practice will massage some subtle sensation into these areas!

Can I use my yoni egg when I have my period?

Skip it! Give your pc muscles a day off! 3-7 days to be exact.

Can I have sex with my egg inside me?

Though most advanced practitioners say 'go for it', we're of the persuasion that this might be too stressful for the wall of your cervix. Indulge with caution.

Can I carry my yoni egg as I go about my daily activities?

A lot of women wear their eggs as they go about their day. Some wear one during yoga practice and jogging. Keep in mind you have to have built a decent amount of strength to hold the egg in for these activities. You wouldn't want a yoni egg to drop out of you in class and ruin your half moon pose moment. We recommend you wear your yoni egg for up to 8 hours at a time.

Can I leave it inside me overnight?

Yup. Those who swear by the metaphysical properties of gemstones say this works pure magic. 

How long can I leave it inside me?

Experts say you can leave your yoni eggs in for days without problem. If you're just starting out, be extra aware of how your body is responding to it. Your pc muscles are like any other in that they could get sore if you do too much too soon. Start with a 3-hour maximum period then work your way up to see how your body responds. If you plan on wearing yoni egg for longer than 8 hours at a time, use a medium or small egg jade egg.

How long does shipping take?

Depending on where you are in the world, it takes about 10-20 days.

Do you do refunds?

Nope. But if by some fluke your egg has some damage due to shipping, we'll replace your item, no questions asked.

Do you have wholesale prices?

Good question. Should we? Email us at

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