Yoni Egg Care

Ladies, let’s be strict with properly cleaning our yoni eggs before and after use. This is how we show respect for ourselves and our bodies.


Sterilize water by boiling and set aside to cool in a cup until you can comfortably dip your finger in. Add a spoon of vinegar, alcohol, organic soap, or tee tree oil. If your egg is cold, warm it up with your body temperature before lowering it into the hot water. Be careful! Drastic changes in temperature may cause your egg to crack. Leave your yoni egg in for 12-15 mins, then run it under water to rinse and balance its temperature. Gemstones store heat and cold very well, so go ahead and play with different temperatures. Don't boil your yoni egg.


Simply washing your egg with organic soap or giving it a quick bath in a cup of water with some vinegar, alcohol, or tea tree oil will get the job done. Once in a while, go ahead and give it some extra cleaning with the method above.


If you choose to use a string for your sessions, snip your string to the length of your arm then bring the loose ends together, doubling it up. Pass this through the hole of your yoni egg, tie a knot, and you’re all set. In case it isn't obvious, change the string with each use. Most women use silk thread, hemp, or unwaxed dental floss.


After you wear, workout with, or meditate with your yoni egg, clean it under hot water, making sure the hole is properly flushed through. Again, use vinegar, organic soap, or tea tree oil. Dry with a soft cloth or towel.

Store your egg in its box or display it on your dresser for good energy.