yoni egg benefits


  • Increase sensitivity and lubrication over time. That's right, most of our nerve endings are gathered in the clitoris and the outer third of our vaginas. Using your yoni egg caresses every part of you, awakening sensations and promoting circulation deep within. You may begin to experience - or experience better - vaginal orgasms. 
  • Have more powerful orgasms on the whole. When you exercise your pc muscles with yoni eggs, they contract way more intensely. Just follow that trail of thought. 
  • When the Big O becomes bigger, our brains make it rain neurochemicals that have us melting in warm, gooey feelings of love, security, and inner calm.
  • Unlock new levels of sexual dexterity you didn't know existed by learning to isolate vaginal muscles and move them in pleasure patterns.


  • Strengthen your pelvic floor. After all, it supports all your awesome lady parts. Show it some love.
  • If you plan on having kids, plan for a comfortable pregnancy, labor, delivery, and recovery. You'll benefit from extra strength and muscle control.
  • Make your yoni egg ritual a part of your meditation routine. Set aside some time for yourself and squeeze all the self-love and healing out of it! Reflect on your developing identity as a woman, process and heal from negative sexual experiences, and allow your gemstones to bring gifts of love, power, and positive energy.


  • Anchor your awareness to your body and emotional landscape.
  • Use yoni eggs as a mindfulness tool and connect with your voice and presence so you represent yourself dynamically and authentically in the world.
  • Align your thoughts, emotions, and behavior with what you stand for and believe in.
  • Have greater control over impulses that hold you back or keep you in a loop.