White Tigress Kimono

This holiday season we at OONA wish to celebrate the White Tigress, the spiritual force of the female spirit who follows the natural workings and forces of her sexuality to live in beauty, youthfulness, and immortality. The Taoist sexual secrets are simply in the living of water, the ability to be in the vital life force of the elemental medicine: earth, air, fire, and water. This kimono is a reminder of this energy and commitment with the vivid imagery of the yellow to invoke the sun, the fire and the spirited orange to be in the celebration of joy. The softness of pastels to warm the songs of your life and to bring about your cheer. The tiger within this kimono brings about primal action, which is the animalistic quality to wear and remind one of that strength residing in you. It is as if you are wearing your fighting armor to go forth, yet that fight is of compassionate directedness not of fight yet of genuine beauty. How can we truly attain immortality as the Taoist speaks? Not from the physical beauty of our outer turtle shell, yet from the inward seed that grows inside of us that is our breath and our heart opening and opening to share that sense of rosiness in the cheeks from our ability to love our spirit. We must continue to be walking this path of enlight^ing to seek our self, to know ourselves with the God union. Life is an infinite timeline of immortality, from all darkness we face; we will walk forward in life, to immortality of an eternal life knowing all things are light. We are healing each day and with each prayer. Our origin in the spark seed of life is becoming and growing each day. Our soul remains and our committed action of evolution evolves our wings to spread. Walk proudly this holiday season as you immerse yourself in the bathing of your own uniqueness and originality. This is a simple gift, a ritual tool to bring into your everyday renewing within a kimono adornment. You are a WHITE TIGRESS !  Wear your stripes with pride and pounce fully in purity.  This kimono is listed in our store, add to your cart, and delivery is on its way. 

... with care from OONA - Christin, your light bearer. 

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