Precious tools for precious rituals

 The use of beautiful crystals and gemstones of the earth for beauty, self-care, and empowerment reminds us that we are of the earth, that we are special. Loving yourself is a constant practice!

Yoni eggs

The use of these beautiful gemstones has origins in Taoist traditions, and some say they were one of the best guarded secrets of the Imperial Palace. Concubines and women of royalty used yoni eggs to come into their sexual power and remain youthful and full of life. They did this by wearing jade eggs in their vaginas to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, and gain vaginal dexterity to sexually please their partners. Those who've mastered this technique are able to slay in the bedroom from just the isolated movement of these muscles. But it wasn't all sexual either. In Taoist thought, a powerful vagina gathers and guards chi - the natural energy of the universe.

Today, yoni eggs are used by women for 3 main reasons. A lot are attracted by the sexual benefits gained from the practice. Who would say no to increased sensitivity, lubrication, and more powerful orgasms? For others, the focus is more on gaining strength and pelvic health before and after childbirth. Some women use yoni eggs for mindfulness practices that lead to self-discovery and spiritual growth. There are as many loving layers to yoni eggs as there are to the vagina, and to you yourself as a woman. The discovery and enjoyment of each is open to you.

Massage wands

Massage is a direct and instant form of healing we all have access to. Its benefits go beyond simple relaxation and penetrate areas such as sleep, the immune system, and pain reduction. Don't underestimate what a few minutes of self-massage can give you. Gemstone massage wands can be used for deep stroking tired muscles and smoothing away congestion. They can also be used in acupressure. They can be used with or without massage oil. And yes, some women love to use them for self-pleasure.