Massage Benefits

  • Keep your face free of puffiness even if you stayed up late or had a good cry. Store your facial beauty wand in the fridge and it will never fail you.
  • Instantly tighten and slim your face. You can skip that contour.
  • Get that healthy glow on! Using our facial wand brings oxygen to the face and literally breathes life into your beautiful visage.
  • Increase collagen production - that's nature's youth serum to you.
  • Improve skin tone.
  • Eliminate toxins, some of which cause pimples.
  • Relieve tension, headaches, and let your most relaxed, kindest self shine through.
  • Cure yourself of congestion. If you feel tired in the face with all that pressure build up, our facial beauty wand will change your life.


  • Increase circulation, delivering more oxygen and good stuff to the body.
  • Flush out toxins.
  • Do yourself a favor and improve overall skin condition. You wear it everyday.
  • Release endorphins and get happy!
  • Relieve stress and migraine pain.
  • Improve sleep quality. Hallelujah.
  • Boost your immune system and save your sick days.
  • Relax and soften your injured or overused muscles if you're the type that moves a lot. And let's be real, we could all benefit from being the type that moves a lot.