Working with yoni eggs is all about connecting with our bodies, and working with our vagina to find balance, enjoy a new world of pleasure, and attain muscle mastery.

Since you and your vagina are unique gems, your practice will be just as unique. From our guide, develop your own path and share it with us. We approach yoni egg practice from 4 core principles: connection, balance (strength and suppleness), sensitivity, and mastery.

Yoni egg practice is NOT about doing as many kegels as possible and lifting heavy weights to get a super-powered vagina. Too much tension can lead to pelvic floor weakness, ladies!

Make yoni egg preparation part of your ritual. Learn how to string and clean your egg here.


Through working with a yoni egg, you'll learn a lot about how your vagina behaves and reacts. It will reveal how you feel about your woman's anatomy and more. And who knows, you may just learn something about how you view, treat, and respond to your vagina, sex, and womanhood.

Throughout the process, your body will be your guide if you listen to it with respect and patience. It will set the pace of your practice. You can count on it to let you know when it’s overwhelmed and needs a break. It's going to keep it real and let you know what it needs and what it doesn’t – what's comfortable and what isn’t, so listen.

Wear your yoni egg and use it as an anchor for awareness by bringing your attention to it. Let it serve as a reminder to be in your body in the present moment. You can do this in sessions (for exercise, yoga, or meditation) or wear your yoni egg during your day. Some women wear theirs while sleeping. To start, it's recommended that you wear your yoni egg not more than 3 hours at a time, but as your body gets used to it and gains strength, you can wear it for up to 8 hours at a time. For your very first time, try it out for half an hour and see how your body feels. Simply carrying the egg in your vagina will bring increased sensitivity, lubrication, and strength. 


This is about developing both strength and suppleness through working on tension and relaxation in the vagina. There's a whole spectrum of being tense and lax, and we want to bring ourselves as close to the middle as possible. Yoni eggs are perfect assessment tools. Get to know your vagina and work towards balance with gentleness without being too focused on results.

A lax vagina: Your egg easily slips out and you find it challenging to keep it in. Your vagina is telling you that you need to take action and build up pc muscle strength. It may also be sign that you could benefit from being more active and live in your body a bit more. If you are extremely lax, practice strengthening exercises every day.

A tense vagina: You have a hard time relaxing your muscles when inserting your egg and have trouble removing it without the help of a string. Your vagina is telling you to release and relax your muscles. It may also mean that you seriously need to chill out and manage stress. If you are extremely tense, practice relaxing exercises every day, throughout the day.

A balanced vagina: You are able to insert, keep in, and remove your yoni egg without much difficulty. Your vagina is telling you that it’s happy where it’s at on the spectrum. Maintain this balance by doing strengthening and relaxing yoni egg exercises in equal measure.

*It could be that your vaginal muscles are at different strength levels. Your outer muscles could be strong, while your deeper muscles weak. The reverse can also be true. Listen to your body and adapt your practice.

Strengthening exercises

If the outer muscles of your vagina are a bit weak, you may have trouble doing exercises while standing. Instead, perform kegels and stretches lying down. For now, do squats and certain yoga poses without the egg, but still activating your pc muscles as needed.


A lot of yoni egg guides focus on kegels or the contraction of pc muscles, but not everyone will benefit from kegels, so please skip this step if you've identified that you have a lot of tension in your vagina and pelvic floor. If you're unsure about it, consult a health professional. Otherwise, these are extremely beneficial and should be incorporated in your strengthening routine.

You know those muscles you engage when you stop the flow of urine when you pee? Those are the pc muscles to contract. You should feel a lift and squeeze around your anus and vagina while keeping your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs relaxed. Do these exercises sitting, standing, or lying down.

Squeeze and lift your egg. Hold for 3 seconds, then release and relax for 6 seconds. Repeat 10 times, paying attention to what feels right for your body.

Feel free to do variations of kegels.

Deep squats

This is the absolute best exercise for a strong pelvic floor. Do them correctly, or not at all.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart with your toes pointed slightly outward. With arms loose at your side, engage your core.

Bend your knees and push your butt and your hips out and down behind you as if sitting into a chair. Keep your weight on your heels and make sure your knees are over your toes, never going past them.

Activate your pc muscles and squat down until your thighs are below parallel to the ground, or as far down as you can get them. Take care not to let your knees move inward. Raise your arms in front of you until they're parallel to the ground. Keep your torso upright.

Straighten your legs and squeeze your butt to come back up, lowering your arms.


Certain yoga poses are perfect for building pelvic floor strength. Incorporate kegels with these in tune with your breath and you're set. Again, if you carry tension down there, continue with the poses, but skip kegels. Here's a list of great poses to incorporate in your sequences.

Chair pose – mountain pose

Goddess pose – wide legged forward fold

Warrior 2 3 pose – forward fold

Locust pose – child pose

Bridge pose – knees to chest pose

Yogi squat pose – forward fold

Relaxing exercises

A lot of people clench or tense their pc muscles throughout the day because of stress or habit and don't even know it. Be aware of this and check in on this during the day, and if you notice yourself tensing these muscles, relax them. When you let go with your pc muscles, there's a dropping, melting sensation. You activate these muscles with physical activity and exertion, but as you go about your day, keep them relaxed.


Inserting and removing your yoni egg are perfect times to work on being relaxed, open and receptive. When doing this, take as much time as you need, going slowly, and placing emphasis on feeling with your vagina. A great time to do this is after physically exerting day or relaxing bath. Start by massaging your pelvic area, concentrating at the groin if you feel tension. Then, caress your vagina with the base of your egg and patiently wait for your body to be ready to accept it. Hold your egg to yourself firmly but don't push too hard. Imagine your vagina sipping in the egg slowly.


Legs up the wall

Reclined bound ankle

Happy baby pose

Child's pose


Yoni eggs increase sensitivity in our vaginas through time. This is achieved just by wearing them! Of course, you can work on sensitivity by doing different movements while carrying your egg, especially on a mat or in bed. An exercise ball is also perfect for bouncing movements that work well. 

It’s helpful to imagine the vagina having 3 layers or coils. Most nerve endings live at the opening and the outer layer of our vagina. Because concentrating on these areas is the easiest way to pleasure town, we give these areas the most love, repeatedly conditioning our brains to respond with yummy chemical release. Truth is, the middle and deep layers of the vagina are capable of much more feeling and sensation than we commonly experience. It's normal not to feel your yoni egg as it goes deeper inside you. Wearing our yoni egg massages these parts to life, and will allow you not just to feel more, but also feel different types of sensations. In time, this rewires your brain so that there are more fun buttons to push. The difference can be subtle, but one that you'll notice.


Once the inner coils of your vagina gain strength, you're ready to move on to isolating them and moving them independently so that you're able to bring your egg up and down. This training is done to master the art of playing the flute or pompoir, a sexual technique in which a woman uses only her muscles to stimulate her partner. 

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