THE ALCHEMIST - Jade yoni egg

In the East, Jade is considered to be as precious as diamonds and gold.  This mineral gem is sourced from the earth wonder of China. 

If there is one egg to bring into your womb to begin and for everyday use, this is the focused beginner.  Used in the palaces of royalty to modern day health, genuine nephrite jade is a solid tool. It's a stone for self-healing and embodiment of your full truth.  Jade is a connection to earth and when worn one can ignite that fire that is of all elemental knowing and medicinal splendor of vitality; a fluid flow of connection to your dantian, elixir of life.  

Yoni eggs are an incredible tool to unlock a world of mindfulness, care, and romance for our bodies, voice, presence, and spirit. Strengthen your pelvic floor, and enjoy sensual benefits as well that tap into the universal map carried within your most intimate and vulnerable space. Click here to learn more. Our jade yoni eggs come with a hand-sewn cotton bag to keep the egg in for safe keeping and when it needs a home.  Every yoni egg purchased receives a stick of palo santo for your rituals.  

See our size guide and practice guide for detailed uses of each egg size.

L 50x35mm - M 42x30mm

Jade is used as a dream tool, and for balancing feminine and masculine energies. It is also a stone of calm and abundance. It's also used for powerful transformation.

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