Turkish Rose Water Vase

Water a living, breathing essence 

Within the water our sacral life energy, the emotions are moving and presently whispering, ever-changing. This Turkish Silver, Ceremonial Rose Water Vase is a carrier to unite you in the aligned light. Gift sacred water into this space to be with your emotions as you offer your prayers. From the Mount of Arab in the desert, the earth crust opened a spring flowered life. Sensually, connect this life force within the genitals gifting freedom to feel in the purest form as it is. This silver vase is a beautiful place to enter rose water into your cleansing of yoni eggs, your bath water, your hair, and your body. Unite and cleanse each day in purification. Beautification is a internal outward pouring of your love.

Height Dimensions at 28 centimeters about 10 inches and shipped well packaged.  This item was handcrafted in Turkey, created in silence with delicate workmanship honoring the art of the purposeful devotion. 

be a passionate rose