Happiness Pajama Set
Happiness Pajama Set

Happiness Pajama Set

Enjoy a free-spirited playful number that offers an excitement of freedom and sensual sass that can enliven your senses. Satin to caress and a floret to truly play. The ruffles add depth to enhance the curviness of the hips and the openness of the top gives an opportunity for the breasts to simply be, plum and warm. Care for your heart and be truly, free.  Offered in two sizes, Medium and Large. A gentle waistline to slightly stretch and a tie-string back to offer an openness with any bustline. Measurements are based on the top length, under the chest with a spacious opening due to a tie-string back, panty waistline, and the gusset for visibility. The sizing as follows:  

M (21 cm, 56 to 80 cm, 60 to 70 cm, 21 cm, and 29 cm)

L (22 cm, 66 to 90 cm, 70 to 100 cm, 22 cm, 30 cm)

Color comes in one choice, Bamboo Pearl

 Be playfully you