The Truth About Yoni Egg Practice

Yoni eggs are powerful self-care tools that have many layers of practice, from pelvic health to mindfulness to sexual technique. To enjoy benefits, a healthy, informed perspective on their use can’t be more important! There’s a lot of mystery and exoticism surrounding the use and teaching of yoni egg practices originally rooted in Taoist practice. Clarity, transparency, and integrity when it comes to what yoni eggs can do and how they work are diamonds in the rough. Let’s clear the fog and reveal some shining gems, shall we?

Myth #1 – Yoni egg practice is about doing kegels to get a super tight vagina.

On a physical level, performing exercises that strengthen, relax, and lengthen the pelvic floor will do you wonders! This is especially true before and after pregnancy. These exercises are NOT centered on kegels. Actually, it's more about squats, specific stretches, and yoga poses. Check out our guide for a more comprehensive read. If and when kegels are needed, however, there is medical evidence to support that the addition of weight from a yoni egg is beneficial for gaining strength and even curing conditions such as incontinence, for example. Our goal is to assess where we are on the spectrum of tension and laxness so we can find a good balance. We want strength and suppleness! NOT tension and weakness.

Myth #2 – You need to clench your yoni egg to keep it in when you wear it.

When a woman wears her yoni egg, she doesn’t clench her pc muscles to keep it in. Constant clenching and performing kegels unnecessarily will lead to unwanted tension in the pelvic floor which will cause weakness, not strength. What wearing a yoni egg will do is stimulate tissue and keep the areas of our vagina responsive. This kind of stimulation activates neural pathways responsible for arousal, lengthening, and lubrication of the vagina.

Myth #3 – The practice is just about having better sex.

You’ll have better sex. Regular stimulation from your yoni egg promotes sensitivity, lubrication, and also affects arousal. Additionally, if you’ve worked on strengthening exercises in our guide, your muscles will grow stronger, and when they contract, you’ll enjoy more powerful orgasms. Also, if you’ve reached advanced practices, your ability to isolate movements of your muscles down there will be an added bonus in the bedroom with a partner.

But the practice goes beyond solely focusing of these benefits. The real gems of working with yoni eggs comes with greater levels of mindfulness and connection. It comes with thoughtful meditation of our identities as women and sexual beings, as well as a recalibration of ideas and attitudes closer to nature and what is “natural” as opposed to what societal norms dictate.

Myth #4 – Yoni eggs are very porous and will absorb or collect bacteria and pose health risks.

Although not all gemstones are suitable for use as yoni eggs, rose quartz, obsidian, and jade are perfect for this due to their structures. They will not cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). These yoni eggs have closed porosity – only pores on the surface matter, and the total volume of these is very, very low. The amount of bacteria (staphylococcus aureus and group A streptococcus are those associated with TSS) that would temporarily get on the egg is negligible if they’re exposed. We don’t have exact percentages of porosity since this is extremely difficult to measure at such low levels. A study shows a specimen of quartz, for example, to have 0.39% porosity. A typical rock would have 15-20% porosity.

Also, TSS is a risk when a woman wears very absorbent material (such as a tampon) during menstruation when pH levels rise, and even then, the risk is extremely small. Yoni eggs aren't used when we have our period, and they're the opposite of absorbent!

Myth #5 – Yoni eggs will magically balance your hormones and these gemstones will heal your emotional and spiritual wounds.

It’s true that you can gain genuine healing and growth from yoni egg practice, but it’s a result of hard earned personal work that comes with dealing with our thoughts, emotions, and actions around sex and being a good human being in the world. A yoni egg is a tool to help ground your mindfulness and examination processes into a concrete practice. It serves as an anchor to keep bringing our attention to the body and the promises we make it, and ourselves. For women who experience emotional resistance or have intrusive thoughts surrounding sex and the enjoyment of their body, a yoni egg practice is valuable. Yoni eggs can help with bringing patience, generosity, and higher degrees of mindfulness to the fore when confronting trauma or pushing past boundaries.

There are a few more myths floating around where yoni eggs are concerned, but these 5 are the most prevalent and important to address at this point. It’s up to us to be responsible in spreading and consuming information about our bodies and how to treat them! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to write us. 


Written by Anja Guggenheim - January 24, 2017

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